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    Lightning over a windfarm


    Access to comprehensive real-time and historical data from across the globe will help users boost the detail and accuracy of their storm damage assessments and lightning reports.

    Web-based Access

    Lightning Exporter - Houston

    View comprehensive real-time and historical lightning data and insights using any internet browser. Then export it in the file format needed for creating custom lightning reports and storm assessment presentations.

    Integrate 24/7/365 global thunderstorm and lightning data into existing storm analysis and incident reporting from a single data source with an uptime of 99.99+%.

    Forensic Analysis

    Lightning Exporter - non-metal damage

    Quick access to Strike Damage Potential information to improve forensic analysis, enabling a more efficient asset inspection response.

    Option to access reprocessed historical data for improved quality over the continental United States, back to 2016.

    Comprehensive Data

    Lightning Exporter - Houston

    Differentiate between cloud-to-ground (CG) stroke or intra-cloud (IC) pulse events with detailed information for each event. 

    Incorporate date and time, precise latitude and longitude, peak current, Strike Damage Potential values, and other specific lightning data for more actionable forensic analysis and more complete incident reports.

    Eliminate the need to purchase, install, or maintain any lightning detection sensors.

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