Solar Time Series and Prospecting Tools

Solar time series

Solar Time Series and Prospecting Tools

Our online tools allow you to explore bankable solar resource data across the globe. Now you can efficiently prioritize sites and better understand long-term resource variability by quickly comparing multiple high-quality datasets - all within your web browser.

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Key Benefits

Minimize development risk
Use the most reliable, high-quality solar resource data right from the start to avoid sudden shifts in energy estimates and resource uncertainty further down the pipeline that can make or break a project.
Cost-effective subscription access
Download hundreds of data files with all the solar resource and weather variables you need for a single annual fee so you can reduce your development costs while never having to settle for low quality data.
Data when you need it
Moving at the speed of solar development, long-term time series and TMY data are delivered to you in less than 24 hours so you can meet tight deadlines.

Solar Time Series and Prospecting Tools Packages

One-month subscription with 2 downloads

A one-month subscription, allowing you to access the Solar Prospecting Tools and Solar Time Series Tools for up to one month and download up to two time series. This subscription is ideal for the project developer who wants quick access to bankable solar resource data for one or two locations.

1 000,00 $
Solar Prospecting Tools
  • Global interactive color map
  • 10-year Annual average GHI, DNI, DIF
  • 10-year Monthly average GHI, DNI, DIF
  • Unlimited downloads of annual and monthly data in CSV format
2 500,00 $
Solar Time Series and Prospecting Tools
  • All prospecting tool features, plus:
  • Hourly data are available for the following fields:
    Temperature, Pressure, Precipitable Water
    Wind Speed and Direction

  • Long-term data (16+ years) or Typical Meteorological Year files available
  • 5 different bankable irradiance algorithms to choose from
  • Global coverage at a 3km spatial resolution
10 000,00 $