Request for Vaisala lightning data for research use


    Vaisala’s National Lightning Detection Network NLDN and Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 are professional-grade lightning networks chosen by the world’s most respected meteorological agencies and safety-conscious industries, all over the world. They are widely recognized as the highest-quality lightning detection networks. The NLDN has been in operation for several decades, and GLD360 accurately detects up to ten times more strokes than any other global network.

    Vaisala is pleased to receive requests for lightning data for research use that leads to the advancement of scientific insights into lightning as well as applications of lightning data to societal needs. If you are a student or faculty researcher working on a project who does not have the funds to purchase a NLDN or GLD360 data license, we can provide the data in accordance of Vaisala’s lightning data research policy. 

    Basic objectives

    Vaisala desires to support research that will lead to a better understanding of lightning phenomena and/or to new applications of lightning data. Vaisala is particularly interested in lightning research that addresses the following topics:

    • Airport applications
    • Forestry applications
    • Geophysical research
    • Meteorological applications
    • Power utility applications
    • Wind and solar energy applications
    • Other research topics

      One-time archive data requests

      To qualify for lightning data, the request:

      • Is not to exceed a time period of five years,
      • Is not to exceed an area greater than 1,000,000 square kilometers.
      • Must include a 250-word abstract of the intended use of the data, with several references to prior related research.

      Submit your data request

      Please click the below link to read Vaisala’s lightning data research policy in full and submit your request.

      Please have the details outlining the requested data and a 250-word abstract (as a Word, pdf, or PowerPoint document) ready.