Successful winter road maintenance strategies

Snow plough truck clearing road after whiteout winter snowstorm blizzard for vehicle access
Weather & Environment

What’s the best approach for your winter maintenance strategy? Every winter road maintenance organization strives to maintain safety, meet levels of service and conserve resources. Different organizations use different strategies to meet these goals, from forecast-based to observation-driven and operational approaches.

Join us at our next webinar where we’ll be talking about:

  • Different approaches to winter road maintenance and the technologies that support them.
  • How data can be used to make smarter decisions and improve agencies’ ability to be proactive.
  • How McHenry County Department of Transportation uses winter road maintenance tools for more informed decision making.



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Webinar speakers: 

Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams

Head of Winter Maintenance, Digital Services

Rachel has over 25 years’ experience in understanding the impact of weather on the roadway. An Environmental Science and Geography honours graduate, with a post-graduate diploma in Marketing, Rachel started working at Vaisala in 1994 in the Thermal Mapping team. It was through this experience that she learnt the fundamental importance of the impact of weather on roadway mobility and safety.

Since then, she has been privileged to work with and learn from transportation professionals throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. Today, Rachel leads Digital product development for winter maintenance, focusing on data-driven solutions delivering road weather intelligence to support highway operators to make decisions that minimize the impact of weather on mobility and safety.

Ed Markison is the Maintenance Superintendent for McHenry County Division of Transportation

Ed Markison

Maintenance Superintendent, McHenry County Division of Transportation

Ed Markison is the Maintenance Superintendent for McHenry County Division of Transportation and is responsible for the maintenance and repair for over 530 lane miles of county roadway jurisdiction. His career with the organization began with six years of mowing ditches as a summer intern, and today wishes those summers would count toward his retirement.

In addition to his professional expertise, Mr Markison is known for his dedication to public service. Since 2009, he has been an active member—and is the current President—of the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network, a not-for-profit organization of public works agencies that organizes responses to requests from its members for assistance during emergencies.