The road ahead: Driving improvement in winter maintenance

Aviation and Road Solutions

When it’s your job to keep the road safe, you need more than a weather forecast: You need to identify the optimum treatment action to minimize weather impact. However, it can take years of experience to interpret a forecast, combine it with road sensor data, and act at the right time.

Join us for this interactive webinar where we’ll talk about:
•    The latest winter maintenance trends
•    How actionable weather information drives improvement in winter maintenance
•    The science behind forecasting and how Vaisala uses forecasts and high-quality sensor data to help you focus on keeping your roads safe

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Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams

Head of Winter Maintenance, Ground transportation, Digital Solutions

Rachel has over 25 years’ experience in understanding the impact of weather on the roadway. An Environmental Science and Geography honours graduate, with a post-graduate diploma in Marketing, Rachel started working at Vaisala in 1994 in the Thermal Mapping team. It was through this experience that she learnt the fundamental importance of the impact of weather on roadway mobility and safety. 

Since then, she has been privileged to work with and learn from transportation professionals throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. Today, Rachel leads Digital product development for winter maintenance, focusing on data-driven solutions delivering road weather intelligence to support highway operators to make decisions that minimize the impact of weather on mobility and safety.

Samu Karanko, Vaisala

Samu Karanko

Head of Science, Europe, Vaisala

As the head of science for Vaisala Digital Europe, Samu Karanko manages road weather model development. Samu’s specialty is evaluating data sources and projects for technical feasibility, quality, and return-on-investment and also has deep expertise in software design.