Smarter city tech: Plug in weather and air quality awareness

City with location spots
Environmental and Public Health Protection


Find out how cities can use existing and new smart tech to collect valuable weather and air quality insights. Use the data to help make your community more breathable, optimize traffic flow and increase well-being for everyone.

What will we cover?

  • Current use cases of environmental sensor integration such as smart lighting and traffic surveillance
  • How easy it is to gather accurate, reliable observation data
  • Tips for integrating weather and air quality sensors into smart city systems



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Dr. Muneer Zuhdi

Head of Cognitive Cities & Industries, Nokia Enterprise – MEA, India, & China

Dr. Muneer Zuhdi is currently Head of Cognitive Cities & Industries where he guides cities and enterprises in their digitalization vision and transformation journey. Prior to that, he was a Partner at Nokia Bell-Labs where he advised clients on digital transformation paths, diversification strategies, value creation, and new business models.

Dr. Zuhdi has over 20 years of global experience working for vendors, operators, and consultancies.

He led functions such as Technology Strategy, Network & Digital Transformation, Smart City Solutions, and global R&D. He has a Ph.D., MSEE, MBA, and 25 American patents.

Mari Päätalo

Project Manager, City of Espoo, Finland

Mari Päätalo works in City of Espoo Sustainable Development as a Development Manager. Mari is working for carbon neutrality in traffic and mobility. The big challenges can be solved not only setting ambitious goals but working together with different stakeholders. Mari wants to make green transition happen. 

Elena Garcia Pallas

Business and application manager at Vaisala

Elena Garcia is market manager for Vaisala urban and industrial solutions. She has been working in Leosphere and Vaisala since 2015. In the beginning, Elena worked with WindCube lidars in wind power and then expanded to meteorology and AQ applications. In her current role, she is working to grow and develop Vaisala products and services for new business areas in the field of urban and industrial weather and environments.