Get local for weather and air quality resilience

Environmental and Public Health Protection
Weather & Environment
14:30 UTC

Let’s talk about defending our cities from sudden, extreme hazards.

Sudden severe weather. Wildfires from heat waves. Flash floods from heavy rain. Concentrated air pollution. Cities today are looking to protect local communities from the rising number of extreme weather and environmental events resulting from climate change. But resiliency requires a proactive approach, starting with local observations.

Join the webinar where we’ll discuss how compact weather and air quality sensors can help decision-makers to develop key services, alert the public of hazardous conditions and protect what matters most.

What we’ll cover:

  • Why there’s a growing need for hyperlocal weather and air quality insights
  • How cities and communities can enhance preparedness and resiliency to the increasing number of sudden severe weather & environmental events
  • Real-life cases of using compact weather and air quality sensors, ceilometers, present weather detectors and thunderstorm tracking software to increase awareness and help vulnerable populations

Who should attend:
City decision makers, EPAs, Smart city consultants, Smart city system integrators

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