ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo 2021

Boston, MA
United States
Industrial Measurements
Life Science

On November 2 (Day 3) as part of the of the Aseptic facilities and Technologies presentations (1400-1530), Vaisala Business Development Engineer Justin Walsh will discuss how to measure and control a vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination process effectively and repeatedly. You will learn the basics of hydrogen peroxide use in bio-decontamination processes, the different applications it can benefit, and what advantages vH2O2 has over other methods. 

Topics covered:                                                           

  • vH2O2 bio-decontamination cycle phases
  • Using real-time measurements to control cycles
  • Relative humidity and relative saturation
  • Critical variables for to make control decisions
  • Review of measurement technologies' benefits and challenges
  • Best practices for mounting and positioning sensors

We will also be available to answer your questions at booth #1134

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Can't attend ISPE's annual meeting this year? 

You can find a presentation on this topic and a Q&A at this blog.

vH2O2 Bio-decontamination questions: monitoring, controlling and more...

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