Road weather data – it can save a lot more than commuting hassles

Road Weather API
Lasse Lumiaho, Vaisala
Lasse Lumiaho
Product Manager, Forecast data and APIs
Published: Jan 5, 2022
Ground Transportation
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Here’s a familiar scenario: It’s a cold and drizzly Friday afternoon, and you are getting ready to leave work and start the weekend. You get in the car and head home, only to be stopped in your tracks by a traffic jam caused by ice on the freeway. 

What if there was a better way to get home? Enter your destination into the car’s infotainment system, where it will quickly analyze traffic and weather data to give you the best route. You get home faster and avoid the worst of the weather, with less chance of getting into an accident.

This is actually possible today with Vaisala’s Road Weather API. As more vehicles come equipped with smart tech, there are new ways to integrate route mapping with real-time weather and road weather data. From infotainment to automated destination routing, major auto manufacturers are finding innovative ways to deliver the future of driver convenience.

What is road weather data?

Road weather data goes beyond general weather conditions by providing information about the road surface itself. For example, if the temperature outside is 32°F (0°C) there’s a good chance that any precipitation that has fallen within the last hour is now forming ice on the road. This is important information for avoiding hazardous road conditions. 

How can it help?

Weather-aware vehicles can reduce accidents by avoiding certain road conditions and send intelligent alerts that help drivers change their speed or routes. Navigation systems can reduce drive times for a smoother journey. 

Think fewer accidents and loss of life, fewer logistics and trucking delays, and smaller repair costs  all from smart tech solutions created by manufacturers and technology developers. 

The bottom line: Better road safety and fewer accidents can save thousands of lives and billions in costs per year.

Learn more about Road Weather API with our eBook Vaisala | eBook: Road weather data and web page, and happy travels!

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