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Vaisala Thunderstorm Advanced Total Lightning Sensor LS7002

Vaisala Thunderstorm Advanced Total Lightning Sensor LS7002


    The LS7002 is an Advanced Total Lightning™ sensor. It detects low frequency (LF) electromagnetic signals generated by lightning in order to provide extremely accurate geolocation capability with industry leading measurement of lightning strength and lightning type classification. The LS7002 is the most cost-effective network-based lightning detection solution for customers demanding high accuracy, reliability, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance.
    The Advanced Total Lightning™ Sensor LS7002 provides real-time data that is recommended for operations focused on tracking cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning threats to ground-based and airborne assets including applications in:
    • Aviation
    • Defense
    • Forestry
    • Meteorology/Climatology
    • Power Utilities
    • Telecommunications
    Technical Specifications

     Technical Specifications

    Operational Specifications

    ​Lightning Type ​Cloud (IC) and Cloud-to-ground (CG) lighting events and flashes
    ​Network Detection Efficiency ​95% for CG; 50% for IC
    ​Network Median Location Accuracy 250 m
    ​Range of Recommended Baseline Distances Between Sensors ​15 to 350 km
    ​Minimum number of sensors per network ​Four
    ​LF Band 1kHz-350kHz

    ​Performance Monitoring ​Complete automatic system calibration and self-test with manual capability
    ​Remote Configuration ​Operational parameters are
    remotely configurable ​


    ​Source ​GPS receiver
    ​Accuracy ​50 nanoseconds to UTC


    ​Weight ​37.4 kg
    ​​Height ​2.2 meters
    ​​Width ​0.4 m
    ​​Depth ​​0.4 m


    ​Concrete ground pad
    Non-ground mounting options available

    Power Requirements

    ​AC Power ​100VAC-240VAC, 4A max, 50-60Hz
    ​DC Power ​​48VDC, 1A max

    Communication Interfaces

    ​64 kbps maximum per data stream depending upon
    network geometry and gain settings
    ​​RS-232 Serial
    ​maintenance port for optional on-site connection

    Environmental Conditions

    ​Temperature ​-40 °C to +55 °C
    ​Relative Humidity ​0 to 100% condensing
    ​Wind Speed ​​0-240 km/h
    ​Altitude ​Up to 5500 meters
    ​​Hail ​2.0 cm in diameter
    ​​Ice ​8 cm
    ​Rain ​8 cm/h at wind speed 65 km/h

    Support Services

    ​Training, technical support, and spare parts are available for maintaining optimal network and sensor performance. Contact your Vaisala Sales Representative for service agreement information.

    Standard Warranty

    ​Vaisala warrants all products manufactured by Vaisala to be free from defects in workmanship or material for one year from the date of delivery. Contact your Vaisala Sales Representative for specific product service warranty details.
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