Extended Warranty

An extended warranty adds protection to the life of your instrument - additional years of coverage to the factory warranty provided by Vaisala.

Extended warranty service is extending the Vaisala standard warranty conditions over the contract period, up to 5 additional years. It allows predicted and easy to estimate cost structure for the spare part consumption. Extended warranty service helps to estimate the life cycle costs in advance eliminating sudden peaks in the costs.

Vaisala Instruments Eligible for the Extended Warranty

  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Pressure
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Moisture in Oil
  • Hydrogen in Oil
  • Wind Sensors

Remember Regular Calibration and Maintenance

Even the best high-performance measurement instruments require regular calibration and maintenance to ensure they continue providing the most accurate data possible. Our global service centers provide a wide range of calibration services to meet your specific needs: standard calibration, custom points, and accredited calibration services audited by the world’s leading accreditation authorities.

Key Benefits

  1. Protect your investment
  2. Avoid annual variations in repair costs
  3. Improve forecasting of overall life cycle costs