Computer Vision Services

Computer Vision and Machine Learning are emerging tools that are now available to your organization to help you to realize a step change in how you deal with your operations – it opens a door to a level of accessible information only dreamed of before.

Vaisala has harnessed newly emerging technologies to give you fast and hassle free access to all types of network and operational imagery. Computer Vision then provides rapid and accurate assessment of that imagery to support your daily operations in way that has never been available before – it will transform your organizations efficiency through the release of resources and its effectiveness by providing critical information in near real time, all in a cost effective manner.

Computer vision - hands on wheel

Visual Documentation Service

By far the easiest way to collect your network data. Simple video capture and replay to assess network status on roads, rail, power distribution, construction and more.

Computer vision - map based user interface

Computer Vision for Asset Management

Automated services to enhance your visual inspection regimes. Let computer vision take the load by automatically identifying assets on your network such as signs, road cracks and potholes.

Image Anonymization Service

Privacy of the individual is a primary concern for all organizations. If you have a need to anonymize video or camera imagery (e.g. for EU GDPR) we make it easy through the use of our computer vision platform.

The Art of the Possible

Which services should we develop next? There are almost limitless possibilities as to what Computer Vision can be taught to recognize. Help us define the future.

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