Jade Smart Cloud

Cloud-based services are the modern way to use and store data, also for measurements. Complex measurement data is available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud using a computer or a mobile device. Vaisala is a reliable measurement solution provider - since 1936. Combining our indisputable measurement know-how with modern cloud-based services brings extended customer benefits. 



Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is a cloud-based data service for reliable wireless online humidity measurement monitoring. All measurement data is stored safely in the cloud where it can be accessed through the web browser on your mobile phones, tablets, or PCs. The service is optimal for professionals who want to have access to quality measurement data anywhere and at any time. This wireless monitoring service is ideal for museums and other public buildings, concrete moisture measurement on construction sites, data centerscleanrooms, livestock facilities, and laboratories. 

The service consists of:

  • Data loggers with humidity and temperature probes
  • One or more access points
  • A software license with access to the cloud to view data remotely

Also calibration services are provided. All you need is mains power, network access, and an Ethernet cable – we do the rest. 

View the Terms of Service and the Service Description for the Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud.

For GxP-regulated applications, see viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System.

Wireless humidity and temperature monitoring
Data saved on the cloud
Viewing live data on a mobile device or PC
Long-term data graphs
Managing multiple projects
Ability to link measurements to floorplans
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Data loggers with probes
To measure humidity and temperature, CWL100 data loggers with HMP63, HMP110 or HMP115 humidity probes are required.
Access point
In addition to the data loggers with probes, one or several CA10 access points are needed.
Software license
The software license is your ticket to the cloud to view the data the loggers save there.


Easy to deploy & use
No setup or pairing is needed. The devices appear directly on your account; just switch on the power and the data loggers will connect.
Time saving
Less traveling between locations allows you to complete more projects with the same resources. Fast setup makes transition from one site to another easy. Data monitoring is quick and easy because the application is mobile optimized and lightning fast.
Reliability & data security
Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is a field-proven measurement system which uses proprietary LoRa-based radio protocol for gap-free data. Data encryption is used end to end and is saved tamper-proof in the cloud.
Available anywhere
As everything works on a mobile device, you can get real-time data wherever you are. Share data with your partners for increased transparency. Real-time data also allows for better project planning and resource usage.
System Overview