Thunderstorm Manager

When it is your job to keep operations running efficiently, protect assets, or worry about the safety of people when severe weather approaches, you need easy access to timely and accurate information. Vaisala thunderstorm tracking systems have been providing this information for over a decade, always bringing you the detailed information you require for weather monitoring.

Thunderstorm Manager is the application to assist you in tracking approaching storms; it supports a broad range of applications from synoptic or national scale lightning surveillance to keeping local ground and maintenance crews safe, while minimizing operational downtime.

The Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager tracking system utilizes Vaisala’s global network of lightning sensors (our Global Lightning Dataset – GLD360), and our high precision lightning detection network in North America (the National Lightning Detection Network – NLDN), to provide alerts in virtually any location around the world, including oceans, high mountain peaks, and other places not covered by radar or other meteorological instruments.

Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager is a web-based application that helps you track approaching storms in real time. You can use a desktop or mobile device browser to access the displays. One or multiple sites with alerting rings or polygons defining an alert region will serve to notify you about lightning taking place in the area.

Thunderstorm Manager allows you to track approaching thunderstorms and lightning activity in real-time and receive alerts about specific locations.


  • Display of cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning (where available)
  • Display of lightning polarity and graphical representation of the magnitude of each strikeTime discrimination of lightning to determine the storm path through color coded symbols:
  • 0 to 25 minutes, 5 minute increments
  • 0 to 120 minutes, 15 and 30 minute increments
  • Display of coordinates that follow the cursor
  • Zoom and Pan with dedicated zoom area selection
  • Add your assets to the map using circles or polygons
  • Measure distance between two points (e.g. between strike location and asset)
  • Toggle Day and Night modes


  • Add as many alert sites as necessary
  • Add up to 3 levels of warnings per alert site
  • Define alert regions using circles or polygons
  • Get e-mail or SMS alerts (where available) triggered by lightning in each site's alert area
  • Deliver alerts to multiple e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers
  • Get All-Clear alert notifications when no discharges have taken place after a predetermined amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes)


  • Choose from multiple time periods (from ½ hour up to 24 hours)
  • Choose from multiple speeds
  • Ability to animate lightning, radar and satellite at the same time

Layered technology, allows for adding more weather information from multiple sources

  • Radar (where available)
  • Satellite cloud cover (where available)

Add-On Products

  • Lightning Threat Zone - up to a one-hour forecast of the potential for lightning in your region (in 10-minute increments). Includes a storm trajectory display, and a storm cell velocity vector with speed and direction.
  • Storm Intensity - displays current lightning threat region, and the storm intensity level
  • Radar Proxy (experimental) - simulated radar image for locations where radar data is not available, based on lightning information​

Technical Specifications

Browser compatibility (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android):

  • Internet Explorer 8 and newer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Lightning Data Source

  • U.S. National Lightning Detection Network®
  • Global Lightning Dataset GLD360
  • Private Vaisala Precision Lightning Network (requires Thunderstorm Manager Web Server)


  • WMS Layers
  • Polygon shape alert sites around customer assets


  • Independent of the display, alerts are working in the background and are server based
  • Multiple alert areas per site to have different types of notifications (e.g. Info, Caution, Alarm) depending on lightning distance to the site
  • Alert notifications via email or SMS, including All Clear notices
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Beneficios clave

Proporciona alertas en virtualmente toda ubicación alrededor del mundo
lo que incluye océanos, picos de montañas y otros lugares no cubiertos por radar u otros instrumentos meteorológicos.
La aplicación basada en la web que lo ayuda a rastrear tormentas que se acercan en tiempo real
Puede usar un navegador de dispositivo móvil o de escritorio para acceder a las pantallas
Rastree tormentas eléctricas que se acercan y la actividad de rayos en tiempo real y reciba alertas acerca de ubicaciones específicas.

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