Vilho Väisälä in 1934

Vaisala turns 85

Vaisala has been solving global challenges with innovative measurement technologies for 85 years. Over the past nine decades Vaisala has created thousands of innovations and taken significant technological leaps. To celebrate, we publish a blog series, where we look back to the beginning and recollect what we have been up to for the past years.

Annual report 2020

In 2020, Vaisala performed well despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The year was marked by adapting to the new global situation with new ways of working, supplying measurement solutions for the fight against the pandemic, enhancing sustainability matters, as well as by our technology’s journey to Mars.

Latest news and stories

Observations for a better world

As our world faces critical societal and environmental challenges, it’s ever more crucial to base decisions on accurate and reliable data. As a global technology leader and expert in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, Vaisala supports the measurement needs of governments, various industries, research organizations, and agriculture. Vaisala’s premium measurement solutions enhance safety, efficiency, and decision-making – for a sustainable future on our planet.

Our innovations offer

the best lifetime value for measurement solutions with various systems, software, and services. Explore measurements of humidity, dew point, temperature, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, pressure, liquid concentration, or weather conditions.

Weather and Environment

serves environmental and weather-dependent customers who need continuous and reliable weather data. Sondes, sensors, and transmitters, for instance, help them to observe weather and environmental conditions, such as lightning, precipitation, or air quality...

Industrial Measurements

provides reliable instruments for productivity, energy efficiency, resource use, and quality. When optimizing industrial processes or monitoring controlled environments, our probes, data loggers, refractometers, and portable devices offer the best accuracy...