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WindCube Complex Terrain Ready Offering

Expand your possibilities with world-class technology and comprehensive support

Open Expand your possibilities with world-class technology and comprehensive support configuration options. The wind industry is expanding into more complex terrain as land in simpler terrain becomes less available.

Since wind flow isn’t uniform in complex terrain, modeling technologies ensure the data is accurate, reliable and bankable. Our WindCube Complex Terrain Ready offering gives you precise data in all types of complex terrain.

WindCube Complex Terrain



    People have harnessed the wind for centuries, and for countless applications. Today, the wind energy industry has inherited this tradition. It is filled with innovators who use the wind like no one before imagined, and the world is better for it.

    Leosphere, a Vaisala company, is one of these innovators. As the iconic and trusted gold standard in wind lidar, our turnkey WindCube product suite offers innovative, reliable, and highly accurate solutions for thousands of customers across the globe.

    Driven by relentless curiosity, we are creating a better world by empowering wind energy leaders, decision-makers, and researchers to create transformative change. We seek to be the steady champions of this industry, pushing it ever higher to everyone’s benefit.


    Wind development

    With the WindCube suite, wind developers gain quality data and reduce the need for data extrapolation (an increasing challenge with met masts alone). Offshore, lidar has become critical — dramatically reducing cost and complexity while enabling wind measurement for even the largest turbines. Other applications in project development include:

    • Wind resource assessment: Provide quality data and bankable due diligence in almost any terrain and weather conditions, onshore or offshore
    • Optimizing wind farm layout and turbine choice: Inform turbine choice, optimizing important cost and risk factors
    • Wind monitoring: Ensure real-time wind awareness for successful construction and deployment

    Wind operations

    Wind operators face common pressures for performance testing and optimization, and lidar is their secret weapon. WindCube ground-based and nacelle-mounted lidar technologies are rapidly improving how these important operations are conducted. Additional applications include:

    • Reliable contractual and operational PPT: Power curve data and compliant analysis
    • Nacelle instrument verification: Yaw misalignment and transfer function
    • Permanent monitoring of site conditions: Meeting grid operator reporting requirements, conducting wind monitoring for maintenance or upgrade operations

    Turbine manufacturing

    Lidar is a perfect tool for validating designs and fueling innovation at the manufacturer level. It is standard equipment for many manufacturers, who use it to increase sales, achieve higher outputs, and reduce uncertainty. 

    • IEC-compliant turbine testing, validation, and prototyping: Verify product performance or upgrades in real-world environments
    • Feedforward Lidar-Assisted Control: Bring new LAC functionality to market efficiently and cost-effectively

    A sustainable partner

    In wind energy, the brightest scientists, creators, and innovators work to develop more affordable, clean energy. For decades, Vaisala products have provided exceptionally long service lives, reduced consumption and waste, and eliminated costly human travel and maintenance — all of which help wind energy leaders improve not just their business outcomes, but their communities as well.

    Ever Higher: How transformative technology, global leadership and unmatched service benefits.

    Leosphere, a Vaisala Company: Who We Are

    Explore our value as the only lidar provider provider anywhere with the resources, robust service plans and infrastructure, and turnkey options to take you into the future with certainty. Get the guide to our complete capabilities.

    Nacelle mounted lidar for power performance testing.

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