Ever Higher

How our transformative technology, global leadership, and unmatched service benefits wind energy.


    At Leosphere, a Vaisala company, we are modern innovators, scientists, and discoverers driven by relentless curiosity, and we create a better world by empowering wind energy leaders, decision-makers, and researchers to create transformative change. Our decisions are driven by data and sound judgment, and our dedication to our work is driven by passion. We seek to be the steady champions of this industry, pushing it ever higher to everyone’s benefit.

    Our successes are rooted in our long history of scientific and industry contribution, our philosophy of end-to-end partnership, and the comprehensive capabilities of the WindCube® suite, which are the most recognized and trusted lidar solutions in the world.


    Superior metrology

    Trustworthy, superior metrology

    Our solutions are backed by the best science and metrology, and validated by the most demanding testing and certifications in the industry. Our contributions make wind energy smarter.

    WindCube products meet the latest and most rigorous international verification standards, including ISO9001, and are compliant to the latest IEC standards. They are recognized and verified by the world’s leading independent certifying bodies and research institutes.


    Thought leadership

    Unrivaled thought leadership

    Our years of experience, impressive global client roster, and plethora of industry breakthroughs demonstrate the we are the iconic gold standard in wind energy.

    Leosphere, a Vaisala company, has earned its leadership position in wind energy largely because our scientific and R&D contributions are aggressive, strategic, and unmatched.

    WindCube is the industry’s reference lidar, a status earned over more than 15 years of scientific innovation and approximately 5,000 deployments around the globe.


    One-stop shop

    Innovative lidars from a one-stop shop

    Customers know we have the right suite of solutions for their needs in wind energy, taking them ever higher by adding value at each step of the project lifecycle.

    We offer single-source, turnkey, complementary solutions built for the specific challenges of the wind energy industry — providing benefits well beyond data accuracy.


    Global solution

    Easy, reliable global solution

    We make our clients’ lives easier. Our easy to use, turnkey WindCube product suite enables customers to harness the power of wind energy efficiently and affordably.

    Leosphere, a Vaisala company, offers the best warranty in the industry, as well as robust standard and premium service levels. Support extends to ongoing training, including convenient online refreshers through our e-learning platform.

    We have invested in a global support infrastructure that is unlike any other lidar provider. With 2 factories and 7 global service centers, we can meet demand, provide quick and correct servicing, and leverage the most sophisticated benches, calibration tools, and related technologies.




    • Paris
    • Shanghai

    Service Centers

    • Paris
    • Shanghai
    • Boulder, U.S.
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • GWU, Germany (Partner)
    • VISION+, Korea (Partner)
    • EKO, Japan (Partner)

    Go Into the Future With Certainty

    In the ever-changing field of wind energy, certainty is a valuable resource. Contact us to discuss how the WindCube suite's leading accuracy and value can benefit your particular application.