Wind and Solar Prospecting and Time Series Tools

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A key input into renewable energy development decisions is, of course, the wind or solar resource. Resource is often the first thing a developer considers when choosing a site, and  information about wind or solar resource is used to save time and money by prioritizing development efforts.

Too often, you can get stuck in time-wasting procedures if you want to get the best data for your particular situation. Not all publicly available data sets are created equal - some data sets are better in some regions of the world. And it can be tricky to understand long-term resource variability or to go from an initial prospecting view to being able to download bankable wind or solar resource data.

Vaisala's online wind and solar time series and prospecting tools were created to solve this problem and help you streamline your development efforts. Explore these tools further by clicking either of the boxes below, or contact us for more information!

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