Value for Employees

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Vaisala offers meaningful challenges to curious and passionate professionals who value work with a purpose. Being at the forefront of solving the most difficult challenges of our time makes it exciting to work for Vaisala. We want to improve the well-being of our employees and make sure they have the chance to continuously learn something new.

Purposeful Work

Vaisala’s products and solutions have true positive influence on the environment, societies, businesses, and individuals. Our employees value the opportunity to have an impact on some of the most difficult challenges of our time. Sustainable and ethical behavior is an integral part of the values of both Vaisala and our employees.

We focus on good and motivating leadership, and we continuously support supervisors in developing their leadership skills by organizing different training programs and courses. In 2018, the annual employee survey’s Leadership Index was 4.04 on the scale of 1–5, remaining on a good level as before. Being fair and objective and having a positive attitude towards initiatives are the key strengths of Vaisala managers. In addition, Vaisala’s employees found that the purpose and goals of their work are very clear. Our employee survey had a response rate of 78% in 2018, with 1,260 employees taking part in the survey.


At Vaisala, well-being at work is regarded as a whole, including the work community, leadership, the company, and the individuals themselves. Thus well-being consists of great leadership, motivating work community, balanced workload, meaningful work, as well as a safe working environment. As preventive measures, Vaisala supports well-being and energy at work by supporting sports and recovery, providing occupational healthcare, and preventing problems early on.

With these preventive measures, we aim to support our professionals manage their work, ensure recovery, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In Finland, we provide our personnel with sports and recreational clubs, well-being weeks, trainings on time management and recovery, as well as the opportunity to participate in a well-being analysis on stress and quality of sleep. In the U.S., the Vaisala FIT program supports the well-being of employees.

Employee well-being is measured regularly in Vaisala employee surveys. The results show that Vaisala employees find their work meaningful and are proud to work in Vaisala. There is some room for development in ensuring that workloads are manageable. In 2018, Vaisala Well-Being Index score was 3.91 on the scale of 1–5, staying at the same level as in 2017.


Vaisala’s competitive strength stems from our capable, motivated, and engaged personnel. Changes in the business environment, technologies, working methods, and tools require our employees to learn and take in new things continuously. We support and encourage the whole personnel to actively develop and keep up their knowledge and expertise.

Vaisala’s Learning Landscape depicts principles and methods for learning. It is the foundation for all learning activities and initiatives in Vaisala. Through this framework, we emphasize every employee’s responsibility for their own learning and development. Managers play an important role in enabling and supporting learning, and it is the responsibility of all managers to plan development and learning activities together with their teams. Developing expertise and knowledge is always in line with Vaisala’s business needs and objectives. Defining competence development needs is part of the annual execution planning process.

In 2018 Vaisala Learning Index, derived from the personnel survey, was 3.84 on a scale of 1–5. Employee training costs amounted to EUR 1.37 million and averaged EUR 850 per employee in 2018. Development discussions are an integral part of performance evaluation and development planning of each employee in Vaisala. By the end of January 2019, 89% had had the annual development discussion with their supervisor.

Learning Landscape