Vaisala Supplier Day 2019

Supplier Day 2019 - Winning Together in a Changing World


Welcome to Vaisala Supplier Day! Our suppliers are one of the key factors affecting our success, and to honor and thank for this collaboration, Vaisala organizes Vaisala Supplier Day – a two-day event – for the second time during June 11–12, 2019. The world we live in is constantly in movement, and new challenges face our planet. We cannot tackle these challenges alone but with a common effort. This is why we have chosen the common theme for both of the days to be Winning Together in a Changing World.

You are welcome to scroll through our website to learn more about the event and its themes. We update this website with the detailed agenda, speaker bios and more during this spring. We are grateful for your contribution to Vaisala’s business and hope to meet you in Finland in June!

-    Tuukka Farin, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Development

Please note that the event is invitation-only. The invitation to one or both days has been sent to your personal email. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

June 11 - Supplier Fair

Supplier Fair is organized at Vaisala Head Office (Vanha Nurmijärventie 21, Vantaa, Finland) on June 11, 2019. It is an opportunity for Vaisala’s suppliers to present their products and technology as well as discuss with Vaisala employees and other suppliers.

The Supplier Fair is targeted to the key account managers and technological experts of Vaisala’s suppliers. It is an opportunity for example for R&D, operations, engineers, product managers and similar to network, discuss and exchange ideas with their colleagues from Vaisala.

Gustavelund birch path

June 12 - Supplier Day

Supplier Day is organized at Gustavelund (Kirkkotie 36, Tuusula, Finland) on June 12, 2019. The event presents a variety of inspiring speakers from Vaisala, who will talk about the theme of the event.

They provide insight into how they are visible in Vaisala and in collaboration with our suppliers. The exciting day culminates in workshops, announcement of the winners of our Supplier Awards as well as a summer dinner with a view to the beautiful Lake Tuusula. The Supplier Day is targeted for personnel working in managing positions regarding business, strategy or operations.

Winning Together in a Changing World

Our planet is constantly changing, and the current megatrends – such as climate change and urbanization – create new challenges that affect also our competitive landscape. We cannot tackle these challenges alone but with a common effort. This is why we have chosen the common theme for both of the days to be Winning Together in a Changing World – with Reliability, Time to Market and LEAN.

Vaisala Supplier Day 2019 Reliability


As the world keeps changing at an increasing pace, reliability is just as increasingly important. At Vaisala, our mission is to provide Observations for a Better World, in which reliable measurement data and instruments help make critical decisions. Importance lies also on reliable and long-term supplier relationships that enable Vaisala to excel in quality instruments and on-time delivery as well as live its mission.

Vaisala Supplier Day 2019 Time to Market

Time to Market

Our planet is in constant motion, making it crucial to be able to react quickly to changes and streamline product development processes. To make sure that new quality products are launched quickly and without delay, corresponding with the needs of the market, agile and early collaboration with our suppliers is the key. 

Vaisala Supplier Day 2019 LEAN


To achieve speed and agility, Vaisala has chosen LEAN transformation as its objective, implementing LEAN methods increasingly throughout the company and streamlining product development, operations and delivery chains. LEAN thinking and early supplier involvement are vital for identifying critical issues and development areas as well as for efficient product development to ensure quality products for the world’s challenges.

Supplier Days 2019 Agenda

Supplier Day 2019 Agenda (June 12)


  Topic Speaker
08:00 Registration (main entrance)  
08:45 Practicalities Tuukka Farin, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Vaisala
09:00 OPENING: Winning Together in a Changing World Kjell Forsén, President and CEO, Vaisala
09:15 Importance of Reliable Measurements – and Reliable Partnerships Jarkko Sairanen, EVP, Weather and Environment Business Area, Vaisala
09:45 Changing World Requires Speed and Growth Sampsa Lahtinen, EVP, Industrial Measurements Business Area, Vaisala
10:15 Networking Break  
10:50 Group Discussion in Tables  
12:00 Lunch  
13:15 KEYNOTE: Winning Together in Product Development Thomas Johnsen, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, Audencia Business School
14:00 Break  
14:20 LEAN in Vaisala Vesa Pylvänäinen, EVP, Operations, Vaisala
14:50 COLLABORATION: Key to Success Tuukka Farin
15:10 Explore Our Key Success Topics (8 stations)  
17:15 Highlights & Supplier Awards Ceremony Tuukka Farin
18:00 Dinner & Music  
21:30 Supplier Day Ends  


Supplier Days 2019 Speakers

Thomas Johnsen is the keynote Speaker at Vaisala Supplier Day 2019

Keynote: Thomas Johnsen – Supplier Day 2019

Thomas Johnsen
Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, Audencia Business School

We are happy to announce that the keynote speaker at Vaisala Supplier Day will be Thomas Johnsen from Audencia Business School (Nantes, France), where he works as Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management as well as Director of the M.Sc. program in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management. He is also Associate Editor of the Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management and the lead authors of the book Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: a Sustainability Perspective.
“I am very excited to take part in the Vaisala Supplier Day. As a world-leading measurement technology manufacturer, Vaisala is a great example of a company, where involving suppliers and innovating together with them early on in the product development process can create significant and sustainable long-term benefits.”

Kjell Forsén is the President and CEO of Vaisala.

Kjell Forsén – Supplier Day 2019

Kjell Forsén
President and CEO, Vaisala

For the past 13 years, Kjell Forsén has led Vaisala forward as the President & CEO. At Vaisala Supplier Day, he provides insight into Vaisala’s strategy and discusses the importance of working together in a changing world 

“In 2019, we organize Vaisala Supplier Day for the second time to honor the great work of our suppliers. Vaisala’s mission is to provide Observations for a Better World, and that we truly do, driven by the world’s current megatrends, such as urbanization and climate change. We would not be able to face these challenges without the great commitment of our suppliers: in today’s world, collaboration in increasingly important.”

Jarkko Sairanen

Jarkko Sairanen – Supplier Day 2019

Jarkko Sairanen
Executive Vice President, Weather and Environment Business Area, Vaisala

Jarkko Sairanen has led Vaisala’s Weather and Environment Business for the last three years, expanding the focus of the business into new instrument categories, digital solutions, and environmental observations through re-orientation and acquisitions. In addition to the business, his speech at Vaisala Supplier Day will provide insight into the importance of reliability, quality, and cost efficiency. 

“Long and reliable supplier relationships are an integral part of Vaisala and its way of operating. Vaisala Supplier Day is all about collaboration and finding the most efficient ways of working together. It all comes down to reliability: only with reliable partners supplying the highest quality components can we provide the best possible measurements for all observations and weather-critical operations.”

Sampsa Lahtinen is the Executive Vice President of Vaisala Industrial Measurements.

Sampsa Lahtinen – Supplier Day 2019

Sampsa Lahtinen
Executive Vice President, Industrial Measurements Business Area, Vaisala

Sampsa Lahtinen has been leading Industrial Measurements Business Area for 5 years – years that can be characterized by innovation and growth. At Vaisala Supplier Day, he will talk about the requirements and opportunities businesses have in today’s world.

“The needs of the market change at a growing pace, and we at Vaisala need to grow together with our suppliers to answer to these requirements. We need to move fast, be agile and innovative – and for all that, we need cooperation. That is why Vaisala Supplier Day is greatly beneficial opportunity to learn and network.”

Vesa Pylvänäinen

Vesa Pylvänäinen – Supplier Day 2019

Vesa Pylvänäinen
Executive Vice President, Operations, Vaisala

Vesa Pylvänäinen leads Vaisala Operations globally. After joining Vaisala 8 years ago, he has engaged personnel and improved Vaisala’s on-time delivery significantly. He has also introduced LEAN methods in Vaisala, shedding more light on the topic at Vaisala Supplier Day.

“Supplier Day is an excellent opportunity for wider Vaisala team to learn about our suppliers and their capabilities. It is also a great forum for us to explain more our future focus areas and expectations for our suppliers.”

Tuukka Farin is Head of Strategic Sourcing at Vaisala

Tuukka Farin – Supplier Day 2019

Tuukka Farin
Head of Strategic Sourcing, Vaisala

With his 4 years of experience at Vaisala and over 20 years of experience in supplier chain management and sourcing overall, Tuukka Farin is the Head of Strategic Sourcing at Vaisala. In his speech at the Vaisala Supplier Day event, he highlights the importance of supplier collaboration.

“Reaching our objectives in a changing World require tremendous team work and great relationships. We should never underestimate the power of team work. When collaboration is combined with great leadership, we can make the impossible possible”