Vaisala Quality Management System

Quality and operational excellence are at the very core of Vaisala’s business. We design and deliver top-of-the-line products and services to highly demanding customer segments and applications. Therefore, the quality and reliability of our products, services, and operations must be of the highest level. 

Vaisala team discussing a measurements product

Vaisala people are behind our quality

Highly motivated and extremely talented people are at the backbone of our Quality Management system. The system provides a framework and guidance for our daily work but the capable and committed people are really the ones who deliver quality and value to our customers. High average career length in Vaisala reflects our commitment to this mission. Vaisala also strongly encourages employees to develop themselves and our agreed ways of working.

Shaking hands in a business meeting

Aiming for the best customer satisfaction

Customers are the most important stakeholder for Vaisala and therefore customer feedback is very important for us. We appreciate the time our customers take when giving their feedback  on our performance. Analyzing how we have succeeded compared to the expectations allows us to investigate our strengths and weaknesses and further develop our products and operations.

Quality improvement

Continual Improvement in Vaisala is based on Plan-Do-Check-Act thinking, utilizing  the following elements:

  • Process approach
  • Organizational learning and development of people
  • Comprehensive measuring e.g. process measurements, audits and customer feed-back
  • Fact based analysis

Vaisala’s broad and long experience in a world of demanding and accurate measurements lays an ideal ground for our Continual improvement culture which is part of our everyday work all around our organization.

RnD engineer inspecting sensor

Quality in innovation and R&D

Designing quality into our products and services starts from identifying the needs and pain points of our customers. Ever since Vaisala was established in 1936, we have gained deep application specific know-how in areas where we offer our products and services. This know-how in combination with our self-developed technologies and capabilities helps us in designing the optimal solution to our customers’ problems in an agile manner. Our certified research and development process transform the customer needs into well specified product requirements. With our world-class testing capabilities and scientific know-how, we systematically test and verify that our solutions truly fulfill their requirements and that those solutions function reliably in the most demanding and critical applications for years to come.

Daily visual management in Vaisala Operations

Vaisala Production System

Vaisala Production System (VPS) is the way we manage and continuously develop Vaisala supply chain. It lays a foundation  for us to meet  the customer needs and growth expectations with increased profitability. Our strategic choice is centralized in-house manufacturing of our core technologies close to R&D. Also, we excel and keep production testing and calibration in our own hands.

Vaisala production system is based on three principles:

  • Lean management system
  • Systematic improvement
  • Standard way or working