The global megatrends are transformational shifts that provide both a source for inspiration and opportunities for growth for Vaisala. We constantly assess markets and technologies to find new ways to engage with these megatrends. Together with our customers, we can create solutions to the pressing societal and environmental needs and challenges posed by these trends.

Hurricane from a beach

Climate change

The importance of reliable observations and forecasts to protecting lives and infrastructure is constantly increasing due to the impacts brought on by climate change. Mitigating climate change also calls for more actions from the industry. Vaisala helps its customers to establish weather observation networks and build up capabilities that improve their capacity to predict extreme weather, for example.

Windmills at sunset

Renewable energy

Various forms of clean and renewable energy are becoming increasingly competitive and common as well as help mitigate climate change. The variable nature of renewable energy sources highlights the importance of site selection, real-time forecasting capabilities, and continuous monitoring as ways to ensure stable energy production. For instance, Vaisala’s measurement technologies help customers to get more out of their wind power plants or biogas plants.

Industrial agricultural facilities and silos

Resource efficiency

In a resource efficient business, less is more, as raw materials are used in an economical and sustainable manner. Circular economy focuses on the reuse and reintroduction of materials back into the value chain instead of turning them into waste. Vaisala’s measurement instruments help, for example, to make production processes more efficient and to save natural resources.


Well-being and health

People are increasingly interested in their health and conscious about their surrounding environments. Environmental monitoring of indoor and outdoor conditions helps to secure people’s health and well-being. Authorities are also tightening requirements on the safety of medicines and pharmaceutical supply chains. Vaisala’s solutions help to ensure safe and healthy living, working, and production conditions inside buildings, for example.

Power / electricity grid at sunset

Smart energy distribution and consumption

The increased global demand for energy is an inevitable result of the expanding population and growth in digitalization and industrialization. To meet the future energy needs, production and consumption of energy need to become more efficient. Vaisala helps customers in a multitude of energy intensive industries to improve their energy efficiency and operations.

A busy crossing and traffic in a big city

Green and smart cities

As cities grow, the number of people subjected to the environmental conditions in urban areas continues to grow. On the other hand, the concentration of population, traffic, and industrial processes brings on changes in weather and environmental conditions, such as air quality. Vaisala provides reliable solutions to measure air quality, road and urban weather, as well as conditions in buildings.

A city highway crossing at night

Future of mobility

Automation, digitalization, and innovative energy sources will change traffic and the modes of transportation. Observations and analyses on the environment and road state enhance the safety and efficiency of traffic in different conditions. At the same time, the environmental impacts of fossil fuels have increased the need to find alternatives. Vaisala provides solutions that combine measurement technologies, computer vision, forecasts, and open data, thus providing transportation authorities with relevant information.

Man in a data center


Digitalization changes the behavior and operation of consumers and companies. The Internet of Things makes it possible to connect devices through cloud services. Data can also be utilized and combined in new ways, enabling the creation of new kinds of digital services. Vaisala’s weather observation networks provide data for governmental organizations, research organizations, and the public. Vaisala’s instruments monitor data centers that maintain our whole digital environment.