Our strategy

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Business areas

Vaisala provides its customers with a wide offering of products and services for better decision-making, increased productivity, and improved safety and quality. We have decades of experience in manufacturing measurement instruments. Our instruments are used for measuring weather-related phenomena and environmental conditions in industrial processes.

Weather and Environment  

Weather and Environment business area serves selected weather-dependent markets where accurate, real-time, uninterrupted, and reliable weather data is essential to run efficient operations.

Main markets: meteorology, aviation, ground transportation, and renewable energy

Global market sized and growth in Weather and Environment

Industrial Measurements  

Industrial Measurements business area serves a wide range of industrial customers. It offers a broad range of accurate and reliable measurement instruments that help our customers optimize their processes, improve efficiency, minimize energy consumption, and ensure the high quality of their end products.

Main markets: high-end humidity and carbon dioxide measurements, continuous monitoring systems, power, and high-end liquid measurements

Market sizes and growth in Industrial Measurements


Vaisala Operations sources, manufactures, services and ships all of Vaisala’s products.

The foundation for Operations is the Vaisala Production System, which incorporates a Lean management system, systematic improvement, and standardized ways of working. In addition, Operations’ strategy is guided by strategic choices: in-house manufacturing of key technologies and partnership-based sourcing.

Operarations in numbers 2020


Business model

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Business model from Annual report 2020