Thermal Mapping

Vaisala Thermal Mapping

Thermal Mapping

Thermal Mapping is a vehicle-based survey technique, scientifically proven to identify and quantify the distribution of temperature differences across a highway network. 

Key Benefits

Identification of potentially dangerous sections.
Thermal Mapping provides the temperature relationship across a whole network identifying those sections of the road which are likely to freeze first. This may not be apparent from using road weather stations alone.
Enables selective anti-icing strategies.
Thermal Mapping can identify and allow targeting of those areas in need of treatment, along with providing key input data for Route Optimization.
Identifies the optimum location and number of road weather stations.
Thermal Mapping identifies sections of road with stable thermal characteristics which are representative of a network and/or Climatic Domain, thus identifying optimum locations for weather stations.
Extends ice prediction from site specific weather stations to an entire road network.
Thermal Maps provide information on the relationship of road surface temperatures between weather stations as it enables the extrapolation of minimum temperatures across the whole network.
Provides quantitative reference data.