Ship Instrumentation

Confidence to operate in any weather

A marine vessel operates in all sorts of weather conditions and knowing the conditions the ship is currently experiencing is vital to the safety and operation of the ship. You will feel confident knowing that reliable and accurate sensors form the backbone of your marine weather system. Winter conditions, humid environment, or hot weather are all challenges Vaisala sensors are designed to meet.

Reliable observations of the prevailing weather and sea state help you to master your vessel and make solid decisions. Vaisala weather instruments and systems help you to navigate safely and our best-in-class industrial instruments help engineers to optimize the engine performance saving cost and giving you peace of mind.

Vaisala can provide you with reliable weather observations measured by our unique technology, continuously developed by our professional team of scientists and engineers.

Our accurate instruments and flexible systems adapt to your needs. They are field proven in thousands of installations from pole to pole and even in outer space. We have experience from weather measurement more than 75 years.

Navigation Safety First

Vaisala weather instruments are unique due to our own technology and manufacturing. They are designed by our team of top scientists and engineers, sensors are built in our own clean room and calibrated in our accredited calibration facilities before delivery. They are tested in the most demanding environments from pole to pole.

The range of instruments cover all weather observation needs. Digital technology makes integration to bridge systems effortless. The instruments are compliant with required maritime standards and designed for harsh conditions so you can trust them to work wherever you sail.

Vaisala is global and local with more than 20 offices worldwide and a large representative network. This means fast delivery and response times for our customers and partners. Our global service network and performance contracts guarantee you are not left alone with maintenance or spare parts.

Mastering Rough Seas

Weather observation systems are complete systems that provide real-time and accurate meteorological information to ensure safe navigation and presence at sea. Vaisala Weather Observation System is based on reliable Vaisala Sensor Technology and Vaisala Maritime Weather Station designed for marine environments.

Vaisala Maritime Weather Station enables flexible and user-friendly collection, communication and reporting of weather information. It integrates all needed instruments into a single weather station with versatile powering, communication and calculation options.

Complemented with Vaisala Maritime Observation Console Software the collected data can be viewed and studied easily from an on-board workstation with user configurable displays and even further reporting facilities.

Running Smoothly

Improving ships' onboard machinery and equipment performance minimize machinery downtime and maximize energy efficiency resulting in cost savings. Monitoring ship engines, lubrication, hydraulic and compressed air systems by using Vaisala's stable measurement instruments helps maximizing machinery performance. Moisture in oil measurement instruments give a real-time picture of the oil's condition in lubrication and hydraulic systems Dew point measurement instruments help to ensure the compressed air is dry enough to secure reliable system operation Accurate humidity measurement is needed for more efficient control of moisture in inlet engine air.

Ship instrumentation applications

Integrated Bridge Systems

Sudden changes in wind speed or direction are potentially dangerous and may have severe consequences. Accurate, real-time wind data is vital for keeping the vessel on its course.

Dynamic Positioning

When wind direction or speed suddenly change while a vessel is trying to maintain its position, it may be difficult to take corrective action fast enough. Accurate, real-time wind data is vital for Dynamic positioning (DP).

Advanced Ship Weather System

When you need more detailed weather information, such as meteorological, oceanographic, or aviation weather support, a Vaisala Advanced Ship Weather System is the right choice.

Lubrication and Hydraulic Systems

Water in lubrication and hydraulic systems deteriorates oil performance, causes corrosion and can ruin polar additives. Leading marine engine manufacturers cite water contamination in oil as a significant ship maintenance challenge and have set specific...

Compressed Air Systems

To keep compressed air system operating properly the air must be sufficiently dry. Excess moisture can lead to water condensation, which can result in corrosion, ice formation, and valve and equipment failure.


Humid air is fed into engines both to optimize engine efficiency and to minimize NOx emissions. However, since water condensation must be avoided, highly precise humidity information is needed.

NOx Emission Monitoring

The tightening of NOx emission regulations has led to an increasing need for monitoring and emissions reporting. Vaisala’s pressure, temperature and humidity transmitter PTU300 simultaneously provides all the engine inlet air data needed for the correction...

Facts & Stats

Vaisala has received a formal certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) which applies to the product families (Rules for Classification of Ships, High Speed & Light Craft and Det Norske Veritas’ Offshore Standards).

MMT330​, HMT330, DMT340 and PTU300 transmitters

  • are proven to withstand the harsh conditions in ship machinery rooms.
  • use the same platform with same user interface.
  • are up and running in a minute or less.
  • are robust and low maintenance requirements of our instruments provide low life-cycle costs.

Vaisala sensors are designed and produced in-house in our own cleanroom.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has approved Vaisala’s moisture in oil transmitter series MMT330​ for their two-stroke diesel engines’ lubricating oil systems.