Services for Vaisala K‑PATENTS® Process Refractometers

We and our authorized distributors offer comprehensive customer care covering the entire lifecycle of Vaisala K-PATENTS® refractometers and also offer application support. Our experts are dedicated to help you in any service or support needs. 

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance and repair services are for situations where your Vaisala K-PATENTS® process refractometer requires inspection, preventive maintenance or more comprehensive repair in order to verify or return the original performance. No matter the need you can count our service experts’ assistance. 

If you need maintenance or repair service assistance from 

  • Authorized local distributor, please choose the distributor in your country from here
  • Vaisala Service Centers please request the return by using the online form
Commissioning and Startup

Commissioning and Startup

Commissioning the refractometer installation is a key for an efficient and safe startup of the in-line measurement process. When using Vaisala or authorized local distributors’ experts for a commissioning and startup you can be sure that the measurement meets process requirements preventing unnecessary interruptions. 

Training services

Training Services

We offer training services for both partners and end users. Partner training consists of training modules giving participants thorough understanding about the correct operation of refractometers and related items.

End user training concentrates on safe, efficient and correct daily usage of refractometers. The training is held at the customer site and is recommended to held together with the commissioning and startup service. 

Liquid concentration measurement

Vaisala offers a wide range of products tailored to liquid measuring needs of different industries. Learn more about the refractometer technology and its applications, and visit the library of product related assets.