Fab chemical process monitoring and fault detection

In process monitoring applications, the desired chemistry must be maintained over time. In fault detection applications, the system must verify that the correct chemical is being dispensed to the process. With accurate monitoring, fabs know the composition of each given chemical stream. Without monitoring, wafers become the de facto chemical monitors. By that time, wafers have already been lost and large-scale equipment contamination may have occurred.

Vaisala K‑PATENTS® semicon refractometer offers real-time liquid monitoring and prevents wrong chemical concentrations from being dispensed onto wafers, indicates timing for spiking, e.g. for water in EKC at the post-etch residual removal and indicates bath life and KOH concentration in etching of silicon.


Applications in fab chemical process monitoring and fault detection

Vaisala offers in-line, real-time, reliable, precise and cost-effective metrology for wet chemistry concentration measurements which can replace expensive and complex analyzers used in fab chemical process monitoring and fault detection as well as CMP slurry composition and concentration control.

Bulk chemical delivery

Quality detection of incoming chemicals, such as: HF, IPA, DHF, H2O2, HNO3, HCI, KOH, NaOH, NH4OH. 

Peroxide blending and dispense at CMP

Critical process systems: Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 or other oxidizing agent's concentration monitoring during Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process. 

KOH etch of silicon

KOH bath concentration monitoring for determining the correct etch end-point. 

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