RoadDSS Road Weather Navigator

Vaisala Road Weather Navigator 2.0 WID733

RoadDSS Road Weather Navigator

The Vaisala RoadDSS Navigator is a hosted web user interface for viewing past, present and future road weather data. The application displays data collected by the Vaisala Global Data Management Center, which handles data collection from the road weather networks around the world.  The application consists of a set of dynamic web pages that can be viewed with a simple Internet connection.

Key Benefits

Browse observations and forecasts with ease
The application has many features that make browsing the data very easy. For instance, with the powerful Time Slider feature you can quickly see on the map page all the observations and any forecasts that are available for 24 hours on either side of the actual time. This gives an unparalleled overview of past, present and future conditions at a glance. It also takes less time to train staff on how to use the program, which results in a quicker return on investment.
Easy-to-use interface with customizable views
The Vaisala RoadDSS Navigator has been designed with user convenience in mind. You can easily customize the application to suit your needs. This will allow you to view only the important and relevant information, which will help you focus quickly and easily on the job at hand.
All the relevant data in the same application
One of the key features in the Vaisala RoadDSS Navigator is it has the ability to compare and contrast road weather information with other relevant data. Where available this could include weather radar, satellite and traffic counting data, all in the same application. With all this data in the same place you can easily see how the weather affects traffic flow, and plan your actions accordingly.
In addition, some features can be conveniently animated for easy representation of moving weather events and developing situations that need monitoring.