Wx Horizon

Powerful real-time data provides observation-driven weather intelligence for better decision-making about transportation safety, maintenance, and mobility during winter storm events.

    Data-Driven Decisions


    Vaisala uses real-time weather measurements and powerful modeling methodology to provide unmatched information for making critical weather-related decisions for your road network.


    Better Accuracy

    By compiling, analyzing, and visualizing real-time data from mobile sensors, IoT sensors, RWIS, ESS, and other sources, Vaisala Wx Horizon provides transportation departments with accurate, dependable forecasts to inform decisions.


    Safer Roads

    Wx Horizon includes a comprehensive set of data points, including current conditions, precipitation levels, and near-term forecasts, to help transportation departments decide when and where to focus resources during high-impact weather events such as snow and ice.


    Simplify & Streamline

    By analyzing and visualizing data from both fixed sources and mobile sensors and then synthesizing the data in a single cloud-hosted interface, Wx Horizon provides a streamlined approach to weather impact forecasting.


    Consistent & Sustainable

    Not only does Wx Horizon remove subjective-based inconsistencies to provide a consistent level of service, the target information can help road network managers prioritize weather treatments, optimize salt and liquid usages, and facilitate resource planning with minimal negative environmental impact.

    5 ways to optimize your winter road maintenance

    Five ways to optimize your winter road maintenance

    Winter road maintenance is essential to everyday living, and the road maintenance industry is facing more challenges than ever. Fortunately, recent technological advances are helping road maintenance agencies find new ways to increase efficiency. Download the eBook to learn 5 ways to optimize your winter road maintenance strategy.

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