Weather & Weather Map APIs

Powerful modeling and weather measurement to create extremely accurate real-time weather data for a wide variety of business and consumer applications.

    Optimize operations

    Weather and Weather Map APIs provide highly accurate information about weather conditions to help businesses across a variety of sectors make sound operational decisions. From calculating fuel efficiency to predicting customer behavior, Weather and Weather Map APIs support data-driven decision making.


    High-quality forecasts

    Vaisala’s forecasts are generated at the time of the API query and calculated for the exact location requested, resulting in hyper-local, up-to-date information about specific locations around the world.

    Not only does Vaisala rely on advanced modeling techniques to create forecasts, we also incorporate numerous high-quality sources from around the world. A sophisticated data fusion system compares and combines the information, resulting in the best data sources for every context.


    Easy API integration

    Vaisala provides map overlays of all relevant weather parameters and data is delivered as commonly used map tiles that can be easily integrated using the LeafLet API. The APIs can be used in any coding language and offers output as XML, JSON (Javascript), or simple text rows.


    High-level support

    Vaisala’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that customers get maximum value from their investment, offering ongoing support to address technical problems and guaranteeing access to the data.

    Vaisala team collaborating in office

    Powerful Nowcasting Technology

    Vaisala is ready to answer any questions you have about integrating the Weather and Weather Map API into your business.

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