Weather Notification API

Proactive notifications provide the weather data needed to stay safe and make better decisions.

Combine Condition Triggers for Crucial Use Cases

The API promptly sends push notifications as soon as certain weather criteria are met — giving you and your team exactly the weather information you need, without excessive complexity or information overload.

Users can set up notification triggers for any of 12 different weather parameters, from wind speed to visibility and precipitation sum or intensity. Monitoring timeframes are optimized for each parameter, ensuring the best, most updated data at all times.

Energy companies, construction companies, maintenance operations, and many other stakeholders can reduce the time they spend watching the weather and focus on their most important tasks, letting the API do the work for them.

In addition to the standard API, Vaisala offers Notifications as a Service (so you don’t have to manage the API) as well as integration with a Decision Support System offering a map interface and related features.

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Gain Awareness, Safety, and Efficiency No Matter the Weather

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