Weather History API

Enhance understanding of weather history and patterns for better decision-making.

    Accurate, Trusted Sources

    The Weather History API allows users in many industries to review accurate, coordinate-based weather history data across dozens of hourly and daily parameters. The API promptly retrieves weather history data from SYNOP stations, METAR stations, and several augmented observation sources — giving you the best weather intelligence available:

    • SYNOP stations, mainly reported from the ground or seas worldwide; includes records from 1st of January 2009
    • METAR stations, mainly reported in airports worldwide; records from 1st of January 2011
    • Augmented observations for all SYNOP and METAR locations from approx. mid-January 2016
    • Augmented snow depth observations from 9th February 2016

    19 hourly parameters

    • Temperature
    • Dew point
    • Relative humidity
    • Wind speed
    • Wind gust
    • Wind direction
    • Wind direction name
    • Visibility
    • Pressure
    • Feels-like temperature
    • 1h accumulated precipitation
    • Symbol text
    • Weather symbol
    • Fog
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Hail
    • Thunder
    • Tornado

    26 daily parameters

    • Accumulated snowfall
    • Accumulated snowfall, month to date
    • Accumulated snowfall, since last July 1
    • Snow depth
    • Average temperature
    • Average dew point
    • Average pressure
    • Average wind speed
    • Average wind direction (name)
    • Average wind direction (degrees)
    • Average visibility
    • Average relative humidity
    • Maximum temperature
    • Minimum temperature
    • Maximum relative humidity
    • Minimum relative humidity
    • Maximum dew point
    • Minimum dew point
    • Maximum pressure
    • Minimum pressure
    • Maximum wind speed
    • Minimum wind speed
    • Maximum visibility
    • Minimum visibility
    • Accumulated precipitation, 24h
    • Most occurred precipitation type
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