Vaisala Connected Compact Station BWS500

Track weather conditions where it matters most — and keep operations running efficiently.

    Compact, all-in-one solution

    Connected Compact Station BWS500


    Accurate and reliable weather data is the cornerstone of forecasting, and today’s technology demands an automated weather station and monitoring system that provides integration and data security without compromising accurate weather observation data.

    Enter Vaisala Connected Compact Station BWS500: A first-of-its-kind offering that leverages an innovative and modern weather and environmental intelligence platform to deliver:

    • Measurements, data collection, and data visualization in one package
    • True mobility and connectivity to quickly fill observation gaps in urban areas and in locations that are hard to access
    • A compact solution suitable for a variety of applications
    • Scalability to support both small and large-scale weather observation networks


    Accurate, high-quality sensors



    Connected Compact Station includes proven and trusted Vaisala weather and environmental measurement sensors:

    • Weather Transmitter WXT536 measuring 6 of the most important weather parameters: air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction
    • Air Quality Transmitter AQT530 measuring the most important urban pollutant gases (NO2, NO, O3, CO) and particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)

    You can choose to have one or both sensors in your Connected Compact Station configuration, depending on the equipment needed for your application.

    Secure data connectivity



    Vaisala Edge Gateway EGW501 is a data collection and transfer solution that provides platform-level security for Connected Compact Station. Using the integrated radio and SIM card, the data is transferred over a cellular connection.

    EGW501 also provides data collection and storage with buffering to ensure that no data is lost and there are no communication breaks.

    Plug & play



    Connected Compact Station is easy to deploy and requires minimal configuration. Simply install and connect the devices, and start gathering data. Other ease-of-use features include:

    • Options for mast, tripod, or wall mounting of the hardware
    • Options for AC powering or solar panels in remote locations
    • Integrated SIM card and cellular data plan
    • Remote monitoring service for carefree operation

    Suitable for a variety of applications, Connected Compact Station can be easily and cost-effectively scaled to support both small and large-scale weather observation networks — from harbor and port weather to complementing national weather forecast networks.

    Data management & sharing



    The optional Vaisala BWS Cloud Companion software collects and visualizes measurement data from the station. Once you have an account in Vaisala BWS Cloud Companion, you can share the data to third-party services and systems through an open API.

    Vaisala team collaborating in office

    Get Started with Vaisala Connected Compact Station

    No matter your industry, the compact and mobile Connected Compact Station is the right solution for various weather observation and research applications. Tell us about your specific project or needs — we’re here to help.