Air Quality Transmitter


Get to know this best-in-class sensor for air quality measurement across a wide variety of applications.

    Multi-use value



    AQT530 Air Quality Transmitter is a fully modern, cost-effective sensor optimized to measure the most important particulates and pollutants. It is available in different models and configurations, making it a convenient and flexible choice.

    Suitable for a wide range of industries and purposes, it provides high accuracy, resilience in even the most extreme conditions, and exceptional data availability over a long service life.

    Exceptional sensing



    Industry-standard sensing technology and several proprietary features give AQT530 exceptional performance in nearly any conditions.

    Key features include:

    • Proprietary, advanced algorithms that compensate for the impact of ambient conditions and aging of the sensor elements
    • Individual factory calibrations and improved humidity robustness for enhanced accuracy across various conditions and parts per billion (ppb) concentrations
    • Proven laser particle counter (LPC) technology and trusted Vaisala HUMICAP® technology
    • Assessment of the most common and crucial pollutant gases (NO2, NO, O3, and CO) and particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)

    Flexible deployment



    Thanks to its small size and weight, AQT530 can be deployed almost anywhere, particularly in high-density areas where additional sensors are valuable but difficult to install.

    Data can be sent wirelessly to a web-based database, or locally through a serial interface. AQT530 can also be paired with Vaisala Connected Compact Station BWS500 to create a professional-grade, complete weather network solution.

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    AQT530 is a new kind of sensor providing a new kind of value. Whatever your industry, contact us now to learn how it can make a difference in your operations.