Air Quality Transmitter AQT420

Breathe easier with accurate air quality data on pollutant gases and particulate matter in maritime settings and smart cities.

    Measure Harmful Pollutants


    Air quality is a top environmental priority, and knowing what emissions are present helps drive decisions that improve the health and quality of life of citizens and workers alike. Fortunately, you can access data on pollutant gases and particulate matter easily in both maritime settings and smart cities with Vaisala’s cost-effective AQT420.

    This air quality transmitter measures up to four of the most common gaseous pollutants (NO2, SO2, CO, and O3); weather data, including humidity, air pressure, and temperature; and particles in the ambient air (PM2.5 and PM10). Make your port greener and more sustainable, and easily monitor air quality for smart city networks.

    Robust & Easy to Use

    The AQT420 offers benefits that include easy integration and open API, cost effectiveness, and trouble-free installation, deployment, and maintenance. Its low weight and compact size make it ideal for use in even very large air quality networks.

    You will also appreciate the AQT420’s:

    • Intelligent algorithms that compensate for aging and environmental conditions
    • Low power consumption
    • Wireless internet connection with multi-observation gateway
    • RS232 and RS485 interfaces for local connectivity

    WEBINAR: Gain Innovative Perspectives on Ambient Air Quality

    Learn about the important role of continuous and comprehensive observations of atmospheric aerosols, air quality, and climate change. Then, dive into content on the characteristics, formation, and impact of particle emissions from traffic.