Marine Weather API

Know the ocean with precision forecasts of wave action, water temperature, and tides.

    Actionable Intelligence

    The Marine Weather API provides actionable marine intelligence, consolidating global wave, water temperature, and tidal forecasts a week or more ahead of time.

    The API also organizes hourly forecast data across several helpful parameters. It is based on HTTP queries and can give information by coordinates and in JSON format.

    Wave forecasts

    Global resolution is 12-25km, and forecast covers the coming 10 days. Data includes:

    • Significant wave and swell height
    • Mean wave direction (degrees)
    • Significant height of total swell
    • One-dimensional wave spectrum peak period

    Water temperature forecasts

    Forecast resolution is 12km globally and covers the coming 10 days. Data includes:

    • Sea water surface temperature
    • Shallows (swimming water) temperature

    Tide information

    Data is provided for the coming 7 days; if there are ports within 50km of queried coordinate, data is given from the nearest one. Includes:

    • Hourly tide height
    • Daily time and height of high and low tides
    • Sunset and sunrise times
    • Moonset and moonrise times

    Know the Ocean and Make Better Decisions

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