AviMet® Low Level Wind Shear Alert System LLWAS

Increased passenger safety and comfort during take-off and landing, when crucial information about unpredictable changes in wind speed and direction is delivered in a timely and consistent manner. The solution decreases the burden on air traffic controllers by informing them immediately when and where windshear occurs and when the threat is over. The solution increases air traffic controllers’ decision-making confidence as decisions are based on facts, allowing them to issue timely and reliable advance warnings to pilots.

Key Benefits

Efficient solution for high-risk situations
The leading low-level windshear alert system that enables airports to improve their safety at a fraction of the life-cycle costs compared to other available systems. Vaisala LLWAS system uses proven wind shear methodology and algorithm and is widely deployed in several operational airports.
Situational awareness extended outside of the immediate airport area
Vaisala’s LLWAS can be enhanced with a web-based, real-time display of Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 data as well as by integrating Vaisala IRIS weather radar information for improved wind shear detection beyond the immediate vicinity of the airport.
Optimal solution to fit specific conditions of the airport
Every delivered Vaisala LLWAS system is designed for the specific conditions of an airport using standard and proven Vaisala weather system components. Experienced and competent Vaisala aviation weather professional performs a site assessment and survey to determine whether and what kind of LLWAS system is applicable to the airport in question.



AviMet® Low Level Wind Shear Alert System LLWAS


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