Vaisala Wx Horizon

Keep your roads safer with the power of real-time weather observation and the forecast in one interface.

The first of its kind, Vaisala Wx Horizon provides observation-driven data from fixed weather stations, mobile sensors and forecast inputs to determine future conditions on the road network. Developed in collaboration with input from the public works community, Wx Horizon helps you stay ahead of weather changes and make accurate decisions on when—and how—to keep your roads safer.

Leverages Vaisala industry-leading sensors and world-class forecasting capabilities
Combines data from fixed and mobile Vaisala sensors and other suppliers
Uses a secure, cloud-hosted environment
Provides road weather condition forecasts using our proprietary road weather model
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Key Benefits

Maintain safer roads
Provides all the information you need— current conditions, precipitation levels, and near-term forecast data—to decide when and where to deploy your fleet.
Simplify and save time
Analyzes and visualizes data from fixed RWIS/ESS, IoT and mobile sensors both from Vaisala and other manufacturers in one interface. Selects and combines relevant parameters from all sensors to provide meaningful information for decision-making.
Improve sustainable operations
Helps managers prioritize treatments, optimize salt and liquid usage, and plan plow resources efficiently to minimize the use of resources that can negatively impact the environment.
Drive efficient treatment practices
Helps organizations save time and money by optimizing winter maintenance resources.
Improve your mobile integration
Uses mobile observations to continuously improve road network forecast, based on research with users of the Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30.
Provide consistent level of service
Removes the inconsistency inherent in decision-making that relies on interpretation of different data sets.

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Vaisala Wx Horizon