Vaisala Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System

Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System - FALLS

Vaisala FALLS (Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System) is user-friendly client/server software that allows utilities, wind farm operators, and other commercial operators the ability to easily determine if lightning has affected an asset. Quickly analyze events and access historical lightning data for both near-real time and past occurrences. FALLS Client software allows you to be proactive in your approach to determining damage caused by lightning. The software provides the ability to quickly and easily perform fault correlations on an event-by-event basis, obtain statistics concerning the number of lightning events or magnitudes for design, and evaluate lightning challenges to an asset (e.g. a power line or wind turbine) or an area, for input to maintenance prioritization.

The FALLS® Server is the lightning data management processor module that receives and stores real-time lightning data from the Vaisala Thunderstorm central processor. Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System operators use the FALLS® Server to archive their lightning data into a relational database. Users have easy and secured access to the archived data for use in their lightning display software and lightning analysis software. The FALLS® Server also provides secured access to real-time lightning data.

Vaisala FALLS® Server allows flexible and efficient manipulation of lightning data through a published set of industry standard Structured Query Language (SQL) function calls and procedures.

Vaisala FALLS® Client is innovative software used by electric utilities, wind farm operators and others, to query previously recorded lightning information in a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) environment. The Vaisala FALLS® Client software generates lightning information into maps, graphs, and statistical tables, and is used to analyze the impact of lightning on assets and systems. Whether you are investigating suspected lightning-caused faults or are studying the climate of your service territory, Vaisala FALLS® provides an easy-to-use platform to quantify and prioritize recommended protection investments.

Reliability Analysis

A Reliability Analysis maps event-specific lightning analysis in near real-time. It locates poorly performing asset segments or system weaknesses, validates your lightning protection design and correlates your asset faults to lightning activity or a lack of lightning activity.

Regional Analysis

A Regional Analysis generates regional and local lightning discharge occurrences and/or densities for user-specified time periods. It is used to identify hot spots for lightning activity, compare variations in lightning occurrence, amplitude, and polarity across days, weeks, months, or years and statistically verify the expected amounts of lightning activity in your service territory.

Exposure Analysis

An Exposure Analysis offers point-by-point and/or gridded analysis resolving the amount and type of lightning activity within user-defined asset buffer regions. It plots time trends of lightning over your service territory and/or assets, ranks assets by the amount and intensity of lightning exposure and discriminates by polarity and amplitude around user-defined asset buffers (e.g. 1 km around a power line).

Provides long-term storage of stroke and flash data in a relational database for post-storm and multi-year statistical analyses
Supports multiple workstations and simultaneous queries
Manages multiple user connections, including accounting and security control functions with the capability to add users
Provides standard and customized lightning data format outputs that can be integrated with weather display software configured to ingest external data
Access to over 20 years of historical lightning data using Vaisala TLD100 and  TLD200
GIS (geographic information systems) functionality
Automatically generated maps save time
Automated processing of prioritized and queued analyses
Execute other tasks while the analyses run in the background
Easy interpretation of lightning data, using color, time, polarity and amplitude codes
Filter out unwanted lightning data
The user can automate analyses by setting the start and end dates, and inserting other criteria
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Key Benefits

Easy, secured access to real-time and archived lightning information
Access cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud events anywhere within the area of coverage and for as long a period as needed (e.g. multiple years).
Flexibility for users
Multiple users can simultaneously access lightning information for use in their Vaisala Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System (FALLS® Client). Users can export the data for further analysis in other GIS applications or spreadsheets. They can also import fault data for quick correlations with previous discharge events.
Improved productivity
Prioritize your analyses on the fly using the FALLS® Analysis queue. The ability to explore one analysis while others run in the background will improve your productivity.