AviMet® DSS

Airports need to manage ramp and runway operations no matter what the weather, AviMet DSS is an aviation weather decision support system that provides an all season observation, alerting, and forecasting solution. Runway Weather Information System (RWIS) data is intelligently combined with measurements of the water content of snow/ice from a Vaisala installed Liquid Water Equivalent (LWE) Weather Station to better understand when to treat runways during winter weather events. During severe weather events, Vaisala’s National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) or Global Lightning Dataset (GLD360) data are used to issue alerts for ramp evacuations. There is no need to purchase additional equipment. Vaisala installs our LWE Station, provides the lightning data, handles all servicing, and provides you access to the data through our cloud-based software.

Giving you Observational Intelligence to manage weather disruptions

Keeping airlines, cargo carriers, and passengers happy while following aviation authority rules and regulations is a challenging job! Then weather always impacts your airport making life even more of a challenge. Questions you need answers to:


  • When will you need to call in crews and contractors?
  • When to pretreat the runways and taxiways?
  • Once underway, what to do to keep runways open and equipment moving?

Severe Weather

  • When to evacuate crews off the airfield due to lightning?
  • When to resume normal operations safely and quickly?
  • Makes accident reporting and compliance with safety organizations (U.S. OSHA) easier

AviMet DSS is Growing With Your Airport

The latest sensor technologies and observational intelligence will allow for new features to regularly be added to AviMet DSS, ensuring you are able to manage weather disruptions!

View past and present runway weather information including: Runway temperature, Surface conditions, and fallen water or melted ice (LWE)
LWE tells you how much water is impacting treated runways
Predictions of runway condition (72-hour) and LWE (3-hour)
Real-time lightning data
Prediction of Lightning Threat
Configure custom alerts from the software
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Key Benefits

Return to Normal
Operations at the airport will be impacted by high impact weather events and your customers will be frustrated. Your job is to lessen the impact of weather events and help the airport return to normal operations as quickly as possible while maintaining the safety of everyone at the airport. AviMet DSS provides you with accurate information, whether it is lightning location or winter runway conditions, so you can make the right decision.
All In One Place
During high impact weather events, you do not have time to look at many different sources of information scattered across several applications. You need a tool that provides only the critical information when you need it for optimal decision-making. All in one place! AviMet DSS is the only weather decision support software designed by the same people that created the sensors, so it gives you greater insight.
Smart Data
AviMet DSS can be configured to aid your decision-making year-round. Whether is it winter snow and ice, or spring and summer severe thunderstorms, AviMet DSS provides you support through one tool. Imagine having a solution that uses the most accurate data to drive intelligent algorithms that help you make tactical decisions. We call it Observational Intelligence
All Season Weather Decision Support