Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing verifies that the system delivered to you is operational and is performing according to specifications. Acceptance tests are carried out according to product-specific protocols at our factory and on site. By participating in the acceptance testing process, you can gain a deeper insight into the functionality of your equipment.

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Key Benefits

Shows system performance
Acceptance testing documentation demonstrates the system performance and its' capability.
System verification before shipment
The purpose of the factory acceptance test (FAT) is to inspect the system at our factory according to predefined FAT protocols. During the FAT, the hardware and software of the observation system is thoroughly inspected according to a checklist of performance parameters. The FAT is typically performed together with the customer, giving them first-hand knowledge of the system’s functionality.
System verification on site
The purpose of the site acceptance test (SAT) is to inspect the system on location to ensure smooth startup and verify that the equipment fulfills its performance requirements. The SAT is carried out together with the customer. A less formal installation inspection may replace a full SAT where applicable.