Thermal Mapping

Provides forecast and actual road surface temperature data at the road network level to quickly identify sections that pose a threat during winter weather conditions.

    Accurate ice prediction

    Thermal Mapping uses scientifically proven techniques for producing accurate road temperature profiles to identify which sections of road and runway are likely to freeze first, allowing authorities to quickly deploy resources to maintain safe conditions. The information can also be used to design maintenance routes to enable selective treatment applications.


    Infrared measurement

    Vehicle-mounted sensors with infrared thermometers take direct surface temperature measurements, providing a more accurate indicator of actual temperature variation than can be obtained by air measurement.


    Identify problem spots

    Thermal Mapping data can be combined with traffic, accident, and other weather data to provide authorities with a deeper understanding of why certain parts of the network are more prone to accidents. This knowledge then enables highway authorities to take proactive steps to mitigate the risks found in dangerous sections of the network.


    Weather station placement

    Accurate and useful weather station data depends on proper weather station placement. Thermal Mapping can help authorities determine the optimal number and location of weather stations for better data collection and application.


    Forecast and time-step maps

    Thermal Mapping creates a dynamic network-wide map that displays minimum road surface temperatures and a time-step view of how surface temperatures may vary overnight. This data can be viewed from anywhere, allowing for efficient and effective forecasts.

    A New Road to Efficiency for Edinburgh

    A New Road to Efficiency for Edinburgh

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