A quick, complete, and objective analysis of pavement conditions through an automated road survey methodology.

    Fast & cost-effective

    Traditional road pavement condition surveys are mostly performed manually, subjecting the process to human errors and delays, and further draining limited resources.

    RoadAI combines a user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, high-quality video data, and reliable methodology to quickly and accurately assess pavement conditions up to four times faster and at half the price of a manual road survey. Now, inspectors can quickly create thorough, accurate reports about pavement conditions using just a mobile smart phone to support strategic decision-making about asset management.


    Superior data analysis

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) performs advanced analysis of sensor-recorded video data, removing human error and producing a comprehensive report that can quickly be verified by the inspector from the video data.


    Defect categorization

    RoadAI distinguishes between all defect types and provides information and analysis of pavement defects and patches across more than 20 different categories. The sensor generates an objective surface condition report on every 10m segment and includes analysis of cracking, potholes, fretting, settlement, deterioration, and bleeding.


    Long-term tracking

    RoadAI enables long-term tracking of pavement conditions for objective comparisons about the success of past management efforts and focused analysis of accelerated deterioration due to warmer winters, wetter summers, cold weather, and other effects of climate change.


    Easily export data

    Data can be easily exported to an asset management system for ongoing analysis in light of other relevant environmental or asset related factors.

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    This ebook offers a detailed look at how artificial intelligence improves road asset management.

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