Forecaster for Renewable Energy

Cutting-edge science, robust modeling techniques, and super-computing capabilities combine to create highly accurate wind and solar forecast data.

    Data-driven decisions

    Vaisala Forecaster for wind and solar energy creates exceptionally accurate forecasts for site-specific locations and entire regions, giving asset owners, project managers, and energy traders high quality data to effectively manage investments, reduce future risks, and gain a competitive edge in the wind energy market.


    Minutes & Days Ahead

    Superior modeling techniques create accurate irradiance and power forecasts specific to a solar project’s unique environment, with a prediction interval ranging from 5 minutes to 240 hours in the future.

    Wind data is available as hour-, day-, and week-ahead forecasts with 1-hour granularity and frequent updates.


    Tested & Proven

    For over 20 years, Vaisala Forecaster has been relied upon by some of the world’s leading renewable energy operators and traders. Together with our customers, we have learned what works and what doesn’t, and have continuously refined and improved our system — often working with national laboratories to incorporate the latest advances into our methods.


    How & When You Need It

    All data is delivered though a client-specific dashboard, with data files available in multiple formats to meet individual use case specifications. API is available for faster integration of forecasts into internal analysis and programming platforms.

    The forecast data offers guaranteed 24/7 access through the customizable dashboard interface, complete with permission setting and password protection, so customers can obtain data when they need it while ensuring its security.


    Accurate Wind and Solar Forecasts for a Competitive Edge

    Learn how Vaisala’s Forecaster for renewable energy helps drive maximum value from investments in wind and solar resource projects.