WindCube v2.1 Refresher

WindCube® is the most flexible and accurate wind measurement technology available, for both onshore and offshore applications. It supports continuous measurement campaigns throughout all project phases thanks to its compact, plug-and-play design.

WindCube can be positioned almost anywhere — offshore, onshore, and in complex terrain — and measures across the entire rotor sweep of today’s turbines, at far greater heights than met masts. It is suitable for permanent or temporary applications with little or no environmental disruption, while increasing worker safety

WindCube provides accurate wind measurement up to 300 meters over 20 simultaneous heights. The LiDAR is a user friendly system with a modern Graphical User Interface, making the most challenging wind measurement phenomenon easy to observe.

Learning outcomes

In this course you will be able to refresh your knowledge on LiDAR technology, LiDAR installation guidelines, Site requirements, Maintenance guidelines and how to get support.

To whom?

This course is a refresher meant for Leosphere trained professionals having received a L1 certificate.


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