Vaisala Marwin MW32 Online Training

The Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System MW32 provides an atmospheric profile of wind, pressure, temperature and humidity from the surface up to the altitudes to be used in the ballistic weather computation. In addition, the data can be used as input into numerical weather models to provide updated observation for more precise predictions. Further, the atmospheric profile is useful for e.g. for aviation, CBRN and naval applications. Data is provided in relevant STANAG and WMO formats.

This course will provide the students with an excellent understanding of the Marwin MW32 sounding system and go into detail on how to set-up, configure, operate and pack the system. Finally, the course includes the most common field-repair tasks.

For whom?
The course is aimed at any Engineers, Operators and Maintenance staff who will be using the Marwin MW32 system.

Learning outcomes
At the end of the training course the trainees will be able to:

  • Describe the components and nomenclature of the MW32
  • Set up and disassemble the system
  • Perform meteorological message configuration as a system administrator
  • Perform a Sounding with RS41 radiosonde
  • Monitor and end a Sounding
  • Perform basic field repairs of the MW32 system

Course content

The course consists of access to the Vaisala MyLearning portal and the MW32 Online Training course for a period of one year. The course consists of six modules with instructional videos and slides and a final online exam. The course duration is 1 – 2 days depending on the amount of practical training and time spent studying product documentation.

As the course is completely online, students can choose their own pace for the study modules. Basic computer skills are a prerequisite for this training, and basic knowledge of meteorology would also be beneficial. The course is available in the English language. Additional course material in the form of standard product documentation is available in the online portal.

Training Modules:

Module 1: Product Overview • Overview of MARWIN Sounding System MW32 • MW32 System Components • Safety Considerations

Module 2: Setting up the system • Setting up Receiver Processor MW32 • Setting up Portable Antenna Set CG31 • Setting up Balloon Launcher FB32 • Setting up Surface Weather Station TACMET (basic configuration)

Module 3: Basic Operation • Performing a sounding • Monitoring a sounding • Data display and messages

Module 4: Configuring the system • Configuring meteorological messages and parameters • Updating system software • Configuring printers and system connectivity

Module 5: Field repairs • MW32 maintenance overview • Periodic maintenance • Field repairs

Module 6: Packing the system • Packing Receiver Processor MW32 • Packing Portable Antenna Set CG31 • Packing Balloon Launcher FB32 • Packing Surface Weather Station TACMET (basic configuration) 

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Key Benefits

Learn practical installation and maintenance
Learn practical installation and maintenance techniques to minimize system downtime.
Learn essential operation skills
Learn the essential operational skills and knowledge needed to help your MW32 system function to its full capability
Enjoy 24/7 access
Enjoy the 24/7 access to the course and study when it suits you the best