Weather Radar Training

The essential operational skills and knowledge needed to maximize the return on your radar system investment.


    Vaisala offers informative and engaging training for existing customers who are interested in learning more about our radar product range.

    This training is also a great way for potential customers to dig deeper into the benefits a Vaisala radar system can provide.

    Available training courses include:

    • Vaisala Interactive Radar Information System (IRIS) Training
    • Vaisala Weather Radar System Hardware Maintenance Training
    • Vaisala Weather Radar Training for RVP900 and RCP8 Processors


    Vaisala radar training teaches the essential skills you and your staff need to ensure your Vaisala radar system and software are delivering peak performance.

    We cover everything from proper hardware and software operation to the ins and outs of maintaining your specific radar system. It’s the knowledge you need to get the precise data you want and optimize the return on your investment.


    Vaisala’s radar training is product-specific and is designed to meet our customers’ needs.

    We have a number of interactive and in-person courses that can be taught at delivery or used to refresh your staff’s knowledge of existing equipment.

    All courses cover specific topics, but may also be tailored to meet the training requirements of you and your staff.

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