Wind Sensor WM30

The Vaisala Wind Sensor WM30 is a compact and economical wind speed and direction sensor. The rotating cup anemometer at the top of the unit provides a linear response to wind speed. The vane, which is attached to the body of the unit, provides a fast response to wind direction.

Compact and light design is optimal for mobile applications
Low power consumption
Fast and linear response to wind
Choice of one-wiper or two-wiper potentiometer models
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Key Benefits

Accurate wind measurement
The shape, dimensions, and material of the cups contribute to accurate measurement. The cups are carefully tested to give linear response between the wind speed and the angular velocity of the cup wheel. The wind vane is located directly beneath the cup assembly and is made of a durable, lightweight material that ensures fast response and low inertia.
Flexible outputs
A relay contact output is provided for wind speed. The wind speed can be recorded either by counting the number of pulses within a fixed time period, or by measuring the time between successive pulses.
Built for harsh conditions
The cups and vane are made of reinforced PA plastic which guarantees a rigid structure even at the highest wind speeds. The electronics are located inside an anodized aluminium core which creates not only a firm body, but a watertight enclosure for the electronics as well. This provides full protection against water, dust, pollutants and electromagnetic interference.