AviMet® Data Panel Display WID512

The WID512 is a generic data panel display for aviation purposes, and it supports up to 16 pages of information. Data shown on the WID512 display is controlled by the host computer with a message format defining the content of each displayed page. Most commonly it is used as a back-up display for the AWOS system main user displays. The display uses a compact 5.7" LCD screen suitable for aviation-related operating environments such as air traffic control towers, where excellent readability in both bright and dim light is required. 

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Key Benefits

Easy-to-use interface
Easy-to-use touch screen with intuitive Graphical User Interface. High contrast day-time and night-time color schemes with display brightness control.
Ease of installation
Desktop, panel, and wall mounting options with short installation times. Virtually maintenance free operation.
Robust and reliable
Visual and audible alarms. Wide operating temperature range, as low as -20°C (-4°F). Robust electrical and mechanical design.