Wind Set WA25

The Vaisala Wind Set WA25 is a high-quality cup and vane wind measurement station designed for arctic conditions. The WA25 consists of a Vaisala Anemometer WAA252, a Vaisala Wind Vane WAV252, an optional crossarm, a power supply and cabling.

Fully heated anemometer and wind vane (heating in cups, vanes, sensor bodies and bearings) prevents snow build-up and ice formation
High performance, accurate wind speed and wind direction measurement
Low measurement starting threshold
Conical anemometer cups provide excellent linearity
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Key Benefits

Heating provides resistance to snow and ice
Most of the heating power is consumed where it is needed most – in the cups and vane. Foil heaters, integrated into the cups and vane, prevent snow buildup and ice formation. Heating power is also supplied to the sensor shafts, bearings and bodies. This keeps the sensor bodies free of ice, which is important for maintaining the aerodynamic performance.
Anemometer with excellent linearity
The WAA252 is a fast-response, low-threshold anemometer. Three lightweight, conical cups mounted on the cup wheel, provide excellent linearity over the entire operating range, up to 75 m/s
Sensitive wind vane
The WAV252 is a counterbalanced, low threshold, optoelectronic wind vane providing a 6-bit GRAY-coded message. Turned by the vane, the disc creates changes in the code received by the phototransistors.